This is as in-depth as you can get for managing a space-faring race...

User Rating: 8.5 | Space Empires IV Gold PC
I play this game more than I play any other... including console games. Quite simply, it's the ultimate strategy game at this point. Its graphics are not exceptionally eye-catching by today's standards, but I'll take this level of game play over "ooooo.... shiney..." any day of the week. The amount of information at your fingertips in the UI is staggering to the novice, and the seasoned strategist will be able to spend years (literally) finding out new ways to play this game. Combine these factors with a robust online community and endless tried-and-true balance and specialty mods, and it's easy to see why this game is still so popular.
I'll probably still be playing it after Space Empires V is released!

Buy it! The current fully-patched, fully-supported "Deluxe" version is available for download CHEAPPPPP!