All out fun Game, Get if you enjoy domination the Universe!

User Rating: 8.7 | Space Empires IV Gold PC
This game was the game of my Dreams at the time. It was what I always wanted in a game. Space Combat, Politics, Resources, big maps, and Hot Seat! I couldnt ask for much more! This game is very addivtive as well, and if your looking for something to waste time on and have fun, this is your game. It aint got good graphics, but it doesnt need em'. This game lets you take control of the galaxy in a variety of ways, you can use your own custom made starship to relieve the planet of all life and colonze it yourself, but if you wanna steal the Technology the owners got hidden away there, you can send in the marines! And if all else fails, you can destroy the planet completely (My Favorite). You can also go online, and let me tell you, it popular, although probably not anymore untill SE V comes out.