Space Empires: IV Cheats For PC

  1. Get free resources

    Go to EMPIRE STATUS and type ''MONEY'' while holding down the CTRL button. The next turn you will have 1000 more resources.
    Note:You can do this multiple times for more resources.

    Contributed by: Joshua_ 

  2. Faster Construction Queue

    Go to your CONSTRUCT QUEUE and hold down the CTRL button and type ''FAST.''.
    NOTE:You may have to do this multiple times for longer ships.

    Contributed by: Joshua_ 

  3. Re-supply ship

    In the Ship Report screen, hold down Ctrl and type ''resupply''. The ship will be resupplied w/o having to move back to a base.

    Contributed by: Snoofleglax 

  4. Codes

    Hold CTRL and type the codes listed below on the respective screen given:

    Effect Effect
    movement - Ship Report screen Full Ship Movement
    repair - Ship Report screen Repair Ship

    Contributed by: Starky27