Don't get down on this game just because it's simple. It's actually quite fun.

User Rating: 7.8 | Space Channel 5: Special Edition PS2
So it's a game that has you press directions and the X and O button to the rythm of some groovy disco beats. Sounds stupid, right?

Nah. Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and a bunch of other games wouldn't be around without this Sega classic blazing the trail.

Imagine it's like a mid-60s version of outer space and everyone has decided to wear brightly colored latex clubwear. Your skintight aqua bodysuit would be wack without some matching platform heels and bright pink pigtails. Then it's off to report the news in swinger fashion, but not before you step on some dolphin shaped Jetsons style spaceship and fly off to some lounge-inspired space station where hip hop aliens are forcing hostages to dance... FOREVER.

So yeah, it's goofy as heck, but shooting aliens with your ray gun all while dancing (that Ulala is a treat to look at, especially when she's moving) is surprisingly fun.