LOL *Thriller*

User Rating: 7.2 | Space Channel 5: Special Edition PS2
This game is actually pretty fun! But the first disc....I don't recomend anyone playing that. The timing for hitting the buttons seams like you have to match the direction EXACTLY, PERFECTLY and RIGHT ON CUE with the music. I couldn't get past the socond report because of that. But the second disc is absolutely fun to play. Micheal Jackson is in it and a group of people do the thriller! LOL. He's actually a main character too. The gameplay is quite easy to understand and communicate with. All it is is Up, Down, Left, Right, Shoot and Hey. Plus playing drums, guitar, Micheal Jackson singing and a Moralian doing something by pressing any of the directional buttons. Just the timing on disc one...... The graphics were okay.... they wern't the best. It seamed like you were playing the dreamcast version. The music was great. They were all catchy and there was a waltz in the soundtrack too! LOL. The costumes are so retro 60's. But they're cool in they're own way. It makes you wonder if we'll being wearing that style in the future. This is a game where you could be playing it over and over again until you're sick of it. Anyway, I think this game should be for any dance game fans.