It's not as bad as they made it, but it's not that good either.

User Rating: 6 | South Park PC
:Good Idea:
·The weapons are pretty funny. There's the sniper rifle (or chicken's butt), a plunger, a turd, and pee snowballs.
·The character models look pretty good and at least Acclaim paid the stars of the show to do some voice acting. If anything, that's the best part of the game is how well they did the characters and re-did the intro to the show in 3D.
·There's a ton of multiplayer characters to choose from, including Big Gay Al, Satan, and Jesus, but...

:Bad Idea:
·...the multiplayer maps are so small, you'll never end up playing them. They put no thought behind the maps at all. All the maps are about as big as a rectangle and there's nothing really to do or hide behind in them.
·The story is a bit out there. It really doesn't make much sense, but then again, the show doesn't either.
·Even though the weapons are funny, they're usually annoying and you'll probably stick to using the snowballs or dodge ball the whole game.

·If you find this game lying around, you might want to pick it up. I paid $2 for it online and it's a lot better than the console versions of this game.