Anything goes.. except farting on balls of course.

User Rating: 9 | South Park: The Stick of Truth PC

South Park the Stick of Truth is a ten hour long episode of South Park. It is remarkable at how it captures the essence of the show so well that it doesn't even feel like you're playing a game. That's not a knock or a criticism of the game, in fact, it's something I think the game benefits from. It makes it feel so authentic and really makes you feel like you're living the show which is the greatest thing about this game. Let's dive right in to what makes this game truly great. First thing you do is create a character; you can choose race and hair and all that jazz. It's pretty basic but that's the point because all characters look the same with only different hairstyles. By the way you can edit your character at any time anyways with wigs, glasses, and make-up. After you create your character your off to go on adventures through the strange little mountain town known as South Park. The story itself is very clever and funny. It's written pretty much the same way as any episode of South Park would be. Its got its fart jokes, dark humor, and outrageous story moments that most of the episodes have. So if you're not a fan of the South Park you will most certainly not be a fan of this game. The gameplay is probably the only real knock I have on this game only because it's a tad too easy and kind of bland. The four classes you pick only differ from the skills they provide and that's it. There are no weapon or armor restrictions so, for example, you can make a mage wear heavy armor with a sweet katana. This is why the game is a little too easy there should've been restrictions for the classes. The soundtrack is great providing fans of the show all the classic South Park songs we all know and love. Unfortunately the game does lack in choices we get to make for our character and are forced to follow the story in a straight narrow path which absolutely kills the re-playability. Most of us will play the game once some may play four times for the classes but, like I said, the classes are pretty much the same with different skills (5 total skills each class). Your character is mute throughout the game and you pretty much are Cartman's and Kyle's bitch which makes it even more insulting, yet hilarious, by the nick-name they give you. So this game pretty much banks on if you enjoy the show or not. If you enjoy the show, like myself, you'll probably enjoy the game. If you don't well, screw you guys.. no but in all seriousness you will more than likely find it insulting, degrading, disgusting, horrible, etc.. etc.. Still this game, in my humble opinion, is the greatest game I've played so far this year.