What's going to happen to South Park: The Stick of Truth if THQ goes defunct

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A lot of you have heard about THQ filing for Bankruptcy, but this question is about the upcoming South Park game that's going to be published by THQ and is expected to be released by May 2013. I heard that the Assassin's Creed and Rayman publisher Ubisoft has interest in buying some of THQ's assets, so it's possible they could pick up the publishing rights for the game. Microsoft has published two South Park games for the Xbox Live Arcade in the past, so they could publish this game too. But I don't want Mircosoft to publish this game because it'll end up being a Xbox 360 exclusive and cancelled on PS3, because I plan on getting this for PS3 and want this game to be on my shelve lined up with the other PS3 games that I have. I know THQ's upcoming games (with this game) are still in development during their bankruptcy but what will happen to the South Park game if THQ does go out of business before the game's release.

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Im hoping South Park studios wins their Law Suite and is able to buy back the rights. So the South Park creaters can make the decision as to who is best to publish the game instead of it going to the highest bidder...

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UBISOFT got the rights to publish the game so no worries about THQ.