Q: will my laptop be able to handle this?

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So I have an aspire v5-572P-6454 with an intel HD graphics card 4000, I also have little to no knowledge on specs so I have no idea if its bad, mediocre, or good. though in general I do believe its really far from the best as far as common sense is telling me. Usually a console person and I do have a ps3, but Ive been letting a friend borrow it since I got the ps4 and would rather not have to take it back just for one game. I also doubt the ps4 is gonna get a port any time soon. so if I can get it for pc then It'd be easier for everybody.

I know this laptop isn't good for gaming but can it handle this one particular game? Thanks in advance.

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Head over to this site to verify.

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this game has very bare requirements it only runs off DX9 which came out a very long time ago