Play The PC Version With Wiimote+Nunchuk

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Hello everyone I have made a wiimote script for GlovePIE that lets you play with a wiimote and nunchuk. I am linking the controls here and you can also view them in the script. It requires the following items:

  • Wiimote
  • Nunchuk
  • Sensor Bar - (might have to turn on your Wii)
  • Bluetooth Dongle - (to connect the Wiimote to your PC)
  • GlovePIE - (get it Here)
  • My Script - (get it Here)

Controls: Function - Input - (Real Button)

Menu/Cancel - Wiimote [-] - (Escape)

Movement - Nunchuk Analog - (W/A/S/D)

Run - Nunchuk [Z] - (Shift)

Interact - Wiimote [+] - (Spacebar)

Attack/Confirm - Wiimote [A] - (Mouse Left)

Fart/Block - Wiimote [B] - (Mouse Right)

Tool Select - D-Pad Left - (Q)

Use Tool - Nunchuk [C] - (F)

Ability Select - D-Pad Right - (E)

Use Ability - Wiimote [1] - (G)

Menu Scroll - D-Pad Up/Down - (Mouse Wheel)

Home Menu - Wiimote [Home] - (O)

Special Controls:

Attack/Confirm 2 - Nunchuk Shake - This makes it much easier to cast Cup-A-Spell because A + 2 is hard to press because they are both on the wiimote spread out far apart.

Rapid-Fire - [2] + Analog/[A] - Hold [2] + Analog or [A] to spam button the button. This makes it much easier for spells that require you to spam W/A/S/D which is nearly impossible with a nunchuk.

I'm not at the end of the game just yet so I'm hoping there isn't any functions I'm missing, but my brother is much further than me and he hasn't gained any additional abilities that require more buttons than what I have mapped out. Well that's everything, hope you enjoy it! I have much more fun playing with the wiimote than the mouse and keyboard because I can sit back and play.

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New version: Download Here

There's always something I forget. There was no arrow key support for Jimmy's songs so I had to rethink some things. All the controls remain the same, with the addition of being able to hold Nunchuk [C] and using the D-Pad on the wiimote for the arrow keys.