Can I play as Kyle ???

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Being Jewish, I have always wanted to play a Jewish character. When I heard they had a special "Jew" class I was very pleased. Is this just a joke?? Now  I think this is a joke as a few people said.


What powers would the "Jew" class have to make it unique.


Kyle is the most intelligent person in the show that is true. I assume the class will have high intelligence and problem solving skills and puzzle skills. Along with high verbal intellect.


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Also they will have great "stealth" abilities too I assume.

I will wait for respon.

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+6 Bartering skill

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Since it's a South Park game... chances are if the Jew class is real, you can expect the Jew class to have perks to money related things, probably a haggle skill.
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probably have secret gold stash hidden on them also. either way jew class will be overpowered