A slightly step back from the original

User Rating: 6 | South Park: The Fractured But Whole XONE

The Fractured But Whole, as teased in the last game, is all about cashing in on the superhero craze. The premise is about the boys' two rival groups (Coon and Friends vs Freedom Pals) going after each other because they have different ways as to how their movie franchise universe should be run. Coon and Friends see that a missing cat reward, about $100, is a great way to jump-start their franchise and eventually realize there is a much bigger plot going on as all the cats from the town are mysteriously going missing. It's a fun little story to play through up until the very end, where I feel that the story just falls apart and wraps up in a rather unsatisfying way that doesn't compliment the build-up to that point.

You get to explore a few new areas of the town, There are a few interesting side missions to do as well. But oddly enough, There feels like a serious lack of content here, especially when compared to the first game. There are a couple generic fetch quests to do. There are a couple of one-off side missions and that's about it. There really isn't much to do in this game and you really just explore the same areas as you did in the first game. It's a little disappointing.

I also felt that there was a serious lack of character depth as well. Aside from the story missions, You really don't interact with many people in the game (unlike Stick of Truth, where you interacted with dozens). It's just a bunch of boring, repetitive dialogue and it grows thin rather quickly. And another frustrating aspect is the rather large amount of potentially game-breaking bugs. I encountered one during the final mission and that really, really irked me.

The biggest, and probably only real change, of the game is the new combat system. Instead of being turn-based, It's now grid-based. So you are now limited to this grid to move around, Possibly do moves and things of that nature. It's quite annoying at times because there can be obstacles in your way or you can only move x amount of spaces. That means that there are gonna be plenty of moves where you can't do anything and that could easily turn a winning fight into a losing one. I honestly don't like this change. I think the turn-based gameplay was perfectly fine and I liked it a lot more than I like this new one.

Just some other small things to point out: Crafting items is pretty pointless. You honestly rarely use items in this game, The only time you genuinely are gonna craft the heck out of stuff is if you are playing on the hardest difficulty. The ending was simply awful. I wasn't a fan of the new power system either, I'd have rather had just the same level up system in the previous game where weapons/ armour help boost stats.

Overall: 6/10
I think Fractured But Whole tried to change too much and it just didn't work. They didn't need to change what clearly worked in the first game so why bother? Instead, They wasted all that effort into a new gameplay system rather than building upon the actual content in the game and that's where Fractured But Whole suffers.