SP LGTDP! is passable but unpolished. SP fans will look past the blatant flaws for the nostalgic memories of the seasons

User Rating: 7 | South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! X360
As a tower defense game, South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! (SP TD) is lacking. I would compare the actual gameplay as similar in quality to the better flash tower defense games that you play for free online. What distinguishes SP TD as a $10 game is the unlockable roster of characters to choose from, the unlockable video clips that are well selected from across all South Park seasons from the 1st all the way through the current 13th, and the brutal South Park humor. The worst problems I have had with the game are (1) the tower building mechanic and (2) the character quotes. As for (1), the game apparently employs a grid square-pattern grid as to where you can build towers but it is not visible and not always obvious. In order to see where exactly you tower will be built under the game character you are controlling, you have to bring up the build menu AND actually select to build the tower. If its in the wrong place, too bad. You can sell it for a portion of your cash back. I had to discover a trick where I would purposely attempt to build a tower in a place where it couldn't be built in order to bring up an outline of where the tower would actually go. As far as (2), the character quotes get very repetitive and grating. For example, on the South Park City Wall level, there are map-integrated obstacles for your enemies in the form of "hot sauce pits" where the CIty Wok owner will throw hot sauce down, freezing any enemies caught in them. Every single time he throws the hot sauce, which is about every 10 seconds, a sound bite plays where he says, "How roo like my hot sauce?". Every 10 seconds for the 10 minute stage. That sort of audio issue is pretty pervasive in this game.

For fans of South Park such as myself, playing through this game is an enjoyable and nostalgic experience. For people looking for a good tower defense game, I can point you to some much stronger alternatives.

Unfortunately I don't know much about the tower defense games available on XBL Arcade. On Playstation Network, I can recommend Pixeljunk Monsters and Comet Crash as being amazing tower defense games that really have expanded the depth people expect in the genre.

Conclusion: If you are big fans of both tower defense games and South Park, this game is for you. Otherwise I would look elsewhere.