Love it. You will love it too, after some time.

User Rating: 8.5 | South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! X360
- Nice clean graphics.
- Good humor, obviously. You unlock short clips from the series as you progress through the game. And every South Park-fan will enjoy the clips and comments in the game. The stereotype that every black person have a bass guitar in their basement, it's funny to think about. And comments regarding this you will be able to see in a clip from the series and hear comments regarding this playing the game. And many more funny comments.
- Good strategy fun, you cannot build any tower and the enemy will die. You have to choose the right tower and place them at the best point. When you unlock insane difficulty, you will understand.
- Co-op. Multi-player are even better, makes the game shine.
- Overall game-play. Every character have their own special ability, which is cool.

- Slightly repetitive.
- Might not last that long, but you will have a blast the 50 hours you'll be playing!

Overall: 8.5. Thumbs up.

Price: 800 points. That's cheap for a good arcade game like this.

Now, defend that (s)city wall!