A lot of fun with multiple players

User Rating: 8 | South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! X360
No doubt this game is for any south park fan, but even those who aren't may actually enjoy it (unless they get offended by language).

The game is simplistic but the adjustable difficultly makes it replayable. The hardest difficulty is impossible to finish in a single player mode so it does push you to play with others.

ANd I must say, playing with others is a lot of fun. You definitely need to communicate in this game as the four players share a common pool of money to build things. Without headsets, it's going to be one uncordinate attack!

The good things about this game are
1) It's cost, only 800 points on Xbox live!
2) Graphics are just like the cartoon
3) Good catch phrases used
4) the 3 female characters cuss more than the guys
5) Good range of enemies

1) THe game is short
2) Catch phrases are just a few and its repetition does get annoying, particularly cartmans!
3) Only the host can choose the characters for the mission, which was lame. But if you got a headset, you can always request for your preferred character.
4) THey should've used more of the grown ups for the story
5) music variety is very poor
6) not many users play the network game anymore

This is still a pretty good game and definitely worth the coin.... I say, if you like South Park, you'll like this game!