Great fun with friends

User Rating: 9 | South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! X360
I think that this game is great on multi player, the four different difficulty levels vary the game play from very easy to crazily hard. If your playing solo it can even get difficult at times on casual (easy) but its still fun, if you want to get the most out of this game play it on multi player, once you have beaten the game it is a lot of fun to boost the difficulty to hard with a few friends and throw snowballs like your like your life depends on it, if you want even more challenge play insane you end up screaming at the army of 120 ginger kids storming across the screen as you fight to survive. Another great feature is as you play through the game your get ranked after every level and this unlocks some of the clips from the show such as Cartmans infamous "Respect my authorata" this encourages playing on harder difficulties because you can only unlock them all if you play on hard or insane. There are lots of characters to choose from from the original fan favourites such as kyle Stan Kenny and Cartmen to people like Jimmy, Wendy and pip who all have abilities to try to save the town. There are 10 levels in the campaign which vary from Kenny's house to the great wall of south park. After beating the campaign you can play the challenge levels which are difficult but also a lot of fun. Sure some audio clips may be a bit repetitive after a while but its nothing to big. If your a fan of south park this is a must buy! If not give it a shot anyway its a lot of fun and very addictive. Oh did i mention that there is a guest appearance from....MAN BEAR PIG!!!