This is not a terrible game, but the games become way too redundant to call it a party game.

User Rating: 4.5 | South Park: Chef's Luv Shack N64
I like watching South Park and playing video games. South Park games should be fun, right? Well this does bring some entertainment, but it's just way too short for a party game. First, there are trivia questions that are based off Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the mini-games are from Mario Party. The concept was on the right track, but it just feels too paltry. Basically this game should be called South Park Trivia Party.

You can play as Stan, Kyle, Kenny, or Cartman, choose from one to four players, and select how many rounds you want to play. Unfortunately, when you play alone, there are no computer players at all. Only play this game when you have friends over your house.

Anyways this game starts off with Chef asking you random questions that you select. Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of time to think, and they only give you about nine seconds to answer a question. I personally was never fond of answering questions too quickly. Most of the questions are based off from South Park and cultural references like Science.

The second part of the game is the mini-games. Compared to Mario Party, this game only has about 20 mini-games. Even some of the mini-games were parodies from classic games like Asteroids and even Donkey Kong. Although the controls are responsive, the mini-games get old pretty fast.

Also, you can't save your records, play through extra modes, or go through the options menu. It's obvious that the producers rushed through to make a lame version of Mario Party.

Overall, this is not a terrible game, but the games become way too redundant to call it a party game. Die-hard South Park fans may have some interest in playing Chef's Luv Shack. I would only recommend this game to South Park fans or people who want to play a simple, quick party game.

Presentation - 4 This game has a combination of trivia questions, and a weak selection of mini-games.

Graphics - 5 The graphics are animated like the show, but they could of done a better job making three dimensional environments and gel shading.

Sound - 4 It kind of sound like a game show, but the music isn't that inspiring.

Game play - 6 Being rushed answering questions and only playing a few mini-games get old after a while. There's also no reason to play by yourself.

Lasting Approval - 3 There's not much else to do, and you can't save your records. You can still replay this game over and over again. You may also be bored of playing this redundant game pretty fast.

Overall: 4.4 Game spot score: 4.5