Noooooooooooooooooo why did this ever get released

User Rating: 1 | South Park: Chef's Luv Shack DC
Here we go try give balanced review of this poor excuse for a game


First the good points presentation is good and the graphics and sound are faithfully to south park. When you first insert the disc and game starts up you think not to bad not to bad. But then it starts to go down hill first off select how many players are going to suffer this game 1-4.

Then the pain starts you can select how many rounds the game has from 1-8 (please pick 1 if you insist on trying this game).

First of you have question rounds please note you must have watched quite few episodes of south park to stand any chance. The downside of this is loading times between questions unresponsive controls (yes unresponsive controls in a quiz game?????).

Then after the questions there comes the mini games arghhhhhhhhh controls terrible graphics shocking collision detection is abysmal. Its like playing cheap ripp off copys of Nintendo game and watch games.

After 1-8 rounds if you still have any friends left after making them start playing this game someone is declared the winner and then game over thats it zilch nothing else no south park goodies nothing.

The coders that made this and Aklaim (now no longer with us surprisingly) should be shot if this was a bonus included on south park rally it wouldnt be so bad but as a complete game its a disgrace one of the lowest moments of the dreamcast.