South Park: Chef's Love Shack on n64, it's seems fair to be honest.

User Rating: 6.5 | South Park: Chef's Luv Shack N64
Just a game show hosted by Chef, and four kids are on the show.

I like the 2D style, it looks just like the show. Levels are perfectly 2D designed, as well as the mini-games. Characters look perfect, it looks just like them from the show: Cart man, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Chef as well as other characters look great.

Game play:
It's alright, and it seems easy. There's nothing wrong with the game, just only one flaw: Questions, sometimes they're easy, and sometimes they're damn hard.

Great voice samples from the characters. The kids sound great, chef sounds great and the other characters sound great. Music sounds great as well.

A button for accepting, D-pad for moving up and down and side to side, and B for cancel.

Lasting Appeal:
For a second south park, it's seems fun and fair to be honest. 6 out of 10.