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Hello all,

It has been a while since I have been here... so go easy on me! I just spent a few fun hours creating what I think is a pretty good level on SS. The trick is there is a side branching path to the left, right at the begining... ANYWAY, the point is; I made this really cool, coherent level (44 notes). And I published it... it sat on the "new realeases" page for ... I'm gonna say 15 mins... 4 hits... no one tried the branching path.... and BAM my level slipped into obsurity.

I understand this is the nature of community games... but I just played a few of the "greatest hits" and most of them are only a handful of notes that resemble the mario theme... or a pink floyd song... no effort to create a fun plaforming level. One level, I believe it had a few hundred "likes"... was a quick repeating spot annimation of a pixel mario running... no music... no sound.

So, here I am. Can you guys give me some clue? I want to expose my level... get feed back... so on.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. anyone interested my level is called; "odyessy: Super's Story Pt.1