a game that meets my expectations.

User Rating: 7 | SoulCalibur VI PC
I'm not familarized with the franchise SoulCalibur VI, it's the first of the franchise I play, but I always liked Tekken and the fact that SoulCalibur remember Tekken, with the difference being a game with White Weapons, I decided to take it without speaking which had been confirmed that Geralt of The Witcher franchise would be in the game and would have his own story made me even more in the mood to play, about the game I liked him, gameplay is very fluid and has a considerable amount of characters and phases, and each character has its particularity and this is very good, the graphics is very pretty and the soundtrack is great, and still has the trail of Kaer Morhen that is one of the places of the game, the story of the game she has 1 point and positive 1 negative point, the good point is that it is good, it has a cool story, but the negative point is that the game has no cutscene, it's just the photo of the character that's talking and with a text and this is pretty annoying for one game of 2018, it's okay that did not have a huge budget, but even then I could have improved it, but I liked the game and recommend it. Note 78