Excellent feature additions, Xianghua crippled, and original online problems still a problem

User Rating: 10 | SoulCalibur VI (Deluxe Edition) XONE

Firstly, I play this game almost exclusively for Xianghua, and then Maxxi. It feels like they are both missing 25% of their move sets, and I still remember their moves... especially Xianghua's, from the previous 5 games. If that wasn't bad enough? I'm met with the same multiplayer horrors that all 5 games had before this, and that is people choosing two handed weapon wielders and spamming power attacks all over the place so you can't get within 15 feet of them...and with the power attacks able to be spammed, back-to-back-to-back characters like Xianghua have no quick interrupts to counter it, and rolling on the ground, or getting up are impossible...that you may as well lay there until they've killed you. Once someone like Mitsurugi, Kilik, or, even worse, Nightmare/ Sigfried get you on the ground they just slam-slam-juggle-juggle-slam-juggle and there's not one thing you can do from there on. It's over.

Well...back to playing balanced games like Injustice, or even DOA and Tekken. SC6 is okay if you're just playing CPU, but against cheap players? Forget it. You'll notice the only short range player people will use is Taki...and for good reason. Nobody with any sense would dare use Xianghua, or Maxxi against the likes of Nightmare, Mitsu, Kilik, Seong Mini etc.