dont expect anything new just expect it for what it is

User Rating: 8.5 | SoulCalibur V X360
as a fan of the series for a long time i didnt think to much on this one and picked it up late as i have been just knee high in a backlog of games that i bought and rented,but i found my time to grab a childhood fav

still the same as i remember it feels smoother but nothing much really changed
few new faces i found and a few oldies which is always good

the customization is insane and fun,i have made so many characters from various animes and games it's unreal.

the online is so so you will get great connections and sometimes you will downright get a horrible lag that just cancels out the game and thats no fun for anyone

as much as people dont want to see or want dlc im actually expecting to see taki return or add someone cool(like adding spawn for xbox hell yea)

all in all good game, dont try and expect anything wildly new at all or you may find out you will be disappointed