While, it does seriously lack some single player modes, everything else makes up for it! Editors choice

User Rating: 8.5 | SoulCalibur V PS3
The Good: Faster, flashy and revamped fighting engine. beautiful graphics. Acting isnt bad actually. online can be a great time. Awesome new characters. The creation mode is just...wow.

The Bad: The story is 2 hours of meh and anime cliches. Not much of a single player experience. LACKS ENDINGS!!.

I remember hearing about this game and thinking "okay cool another soul calibur game". it wasnt until months later when i saw the gameplay. My jaw was dropped at how much fun it looked (plus i thought creation looked amazing.) so i finally got the game, so heres my thoughts.

So SCV is set 17 years after the IVth one, and the story revolves around pyyrah and patrolok...patro...ehhh whatever. Actually thats probably what the story would be considered. You kill malfested, save your sister learn the truth about (insert spoiler) in the most cliched anime way. Im an anime lover but seriously, this would be the cheese of anime if it was a movie. Consider it easy trophies and rank ups though, its over in 2 hours. Unless your new...i think....

But the fact that the story sucks doesnt matter though...this game is fun as hell. Its faster, flashy and improved. My personnal favorite thing that was added is critical edge. you press a simple combination and bam, your hitting your opponent with this awesome street fighter like move.

Then theres that awesome creation mode thats better then ever. although you start with little to nothing, as you level up (offline yes not the online rank) you unlock new clothing and then you can let your wild (and possilby anime fantastsies too) imagination run...wild!

unfortunately theres one major flaw. Theres seriously a lack of stuff to do. The mentioned story mode only last 2 hours and it gets you the punishing legendary souls mode. Then theres arcade and while its fun THERES NO ENDINGS. Yup, zero, noda, NONE. Quickplay is back from broken destiny but, ehh its just quickplay...

Your time while probably be spent online. Im not the guy who pulls off insane combos or spams in a damn corner for wins, but im an ok fighter. (apparently im best at shooters...lol) this is a concern though because some people dont really enjoy losing all the time, in which i say if your one of those people...rent this first.

But i still cant get over how fun this game is, its just jaw dropping. Same could be said for the graphics. Remember how amazing and sometimes life like soul calibur IV looked? Imagine that times 2X. Yup soul calibur is now prettyer then ever. So if by any chance you got an HDMI and a new HDTV...consider showing this off.

Now you buying this depends on how long you think it,ll last. Personally i reccomend it, because its just so damn fun. And if you decide your getting it. Then go to your game store, kill some malfested and grab soul calibur V...for the power of...love? okay seriously who writes this stuff...?