What is annoying me the most is removing old characters and the bad arcade mode.

User Rating: 2.5 | SoulCalibur V X360
+ pros:-
- graphics.
- stages.
- character creation.
- online play.
+ cons
- bad story.
- bad story execution.
- bad new characters.
- removing important characters.
- no content.
- bad arcade play.
- no ending
- 3 mimic characters.
+ notes:-
- why shift story 17 years ???
- If taki is too old, then why tira looks younger ???
- no need for alpha patroklos and his cry baby sister.

+ they just could modify soul calibur V engine and continue the story; but they didn't. they fixed something that is not broken or they make something new no one needs.

+ by using this policy they may satisfied 10% for the fans; but there are 90% of angry fans.

+ I hope they go back the soul calibur roots in 2 and 3, and use the roster in soul calibur 4 for the next game; if there is one.

+ the online game play will dead soon for this game and some people will go back to soul calibur 1, 2, 3 and 4 like i did.

+ the success of mk9 and ssft4 is because of the old characters roster, game play and story not with a new roster, game play and story.