They gutted the series.

User Rating: 2 | SoulCalibur V PS3
I remember playing Edge Master mode for hours in SC2. It was magical.
I also remember playing SC3 for the awesome/unique story mode, and the good (but not better then Edge Master mode) Chronicles of the Sword. SC3 also has other good single player modes like tournaments and special missions matches. And in SC3, your created characters had their own styles to choose from. They didn't mimic standard character's fighting styles, which was good.

But what does SC5 offer? Not much. Do you remember when each character had their own ending in previous SC games? Ya me to, but in SC5 they gutted that out. There is only one very short, crappy story of Sophitia's kid named Patroklos. The story is disgusting compared to the previous games, especially SC3's story mode. The voice acting sucks too.

Does SC5 offer any other unique game modes like the previous titles? Nope. No Edge Master or a revised Chronicles of the Sword. You have arcade, vs, and Legendary Souls. But the kicker is Legendary Souls is just another arcade mode, but the enemies are harder.........If I wanted to play a hard arcade mode, I would have turned up the difficulty and played arcade. Legendary Souls is a slap to the fan's face's when compared to previous SC games. SC5 also offers 3 mimic characters yay!!! 1 is enough, 3 is plain laziness. Kilik is one of those ridiculous mimics too. They gutted some good characters out because the game takes place 17 years after SC4. Some characters would be to old or something. But they decided to keep Voldo. He must be around 60+ years old in SC5.

Why couldn't they just take what was good about every previous game, and put it into this one? Soul Calibur 3's story mode, Soul Calibur 2's Edge Master mode, Soul Calibur 4's Tower Mode but make it co-op online and offline optional, offline and online team battles but make it co-op optional. And since a lot of people are bent about the original cast of characters being taken out, they could have made their play styles an option to choose in character creation. I mean there is much more this game could be, but they decided to just screw the long time SC fans.

But ya, there is my review of the biggest letdown ever. Soul Calibur 5 is made with pure laziness of the developers.