These games are getting worse, let me tell you why!

User Rating: 1 | SoulCalibur V PS3

I thought it’d be best to write this review seen as Tekken 7 is soon to come out for EU players on the PS4 which means the ‘Project Soul’ team won’t be far behind in releasing the next game in the franchise on this generation of consoles. So before they do, I have to get my opinion out on the last game they brought out (even though late), starting with the positives. I will keep this review brief, in hope that when they do come to make the next instalment, they read this well-over-due review and take my comments into consideration.

Right then, so the POSITIVES.

  • · The graphics, colours and all things visual within the game look absolutely beautiful (like me). So stunning. Expanded on the good that was done in SC4! Well done!
  • · Super Move, i.e. Critical Edge. V.good addition, similar to that of other games, gives fighters a short burst of hope to make a comeback, I like that!
  • · New fighting mechanics for the characters with strange weapons now, ok, you tried, some may like it so I have put it as a positive.
  • · The customisation was amazing! Straight away, so much choice to make your perfect fighter with regards to body shape, definition, features, accessories, etc. It’s always fun to go online, research and make character-look-alikes from other things that take your interest

And I think that’s it!

Right then, now the NEGATIVES.

This poor game is going to get it because it truly is the worst in the franchise and if I do not ever purchase the next game out of curiosity to see if things have improved, the reasons I am about to mention will highlight why.


  • · No cameo. Usually the SC franchise put a cameo from another franchise in their game (I loved the StarWars cameos as they did their fighting style just right, just as one would expect StarKiller, Yoda and Darth Vader to fight), however this one there wasn’t any. Maybe one wasn’t worthy or the customisation option allowed people to create their own cameo, whatever the reason, there was no bad-arse from another game and that sucked!
  • · No replay value. The game modes that are available are painfully repetitive with very little reward once played and completed. I can’t stress this enough.
  • · Toooooo dependent on online/multiplayer mode. I understand that in this day and age, most games make their positive impact via the online gameplay, but it still means that some (i.e ME!) may feel cheated with the lack of variety the game provides for offline play.
  • · Rubbish new characters copying old characters move sets (just keep the old characters)

Here comes the part where I whinge and moan…

Tekken 6 was amazing, I think the best in the franchise due to the Scenario Campaign mode. It gave players/fans a platform to replay certain levels offline (and online), with their favourite characters, in order to unlock abilities, clothes, accessories, etc. I mention this because Soul Calibur did something similar much earlier in the SC series and just as good, in the game we know and love, SC3,’ Chronicles of the Sword’ mode. This is where you could take your created characters (I will come back to character creation later) on a story of their own, they had purpose and in a great mode that offered real-time strategy, conquering fortresses and mini castles before going onto fight the big-boss in their dominion! I can’t emphasise how great this mode was as it was a game within a game where one could easily play this mode and forget the main game, just like in modern day Call of Duty where most people go straight online and forget the main game.

Another amazing mode was Soul Arena which offered great mini-games! It had games where 1vs1 had fun conditions to win under, whether it be a slippery floor or collecting money to use in the shop outside of Soul Arena, ya even got to fight against a giant statue (ya didn’t want to get booted by that thing, I can tell you that!) It showed fans what SC was capable of! SC3 (the best in the franchise in my opinion and even without a cameo) had depth that SC6 lacks.

Lastly Character Creation. I can’t promote SC3 enough for its character creation that has been expanded on in future games. 1 bad thing that future games suffered from that SC3 offered that was fresher than FRESH, were there different fighting mechanics for different professions of the character created. For example, a Ninja had its own fighting style which was not identical to a main characters fighting style from the main game. So a Ninja that you created would have different moves to the main games Ninja i.e Taki. This was fun and refreshing, not the same old same old. If you want to have Taki’s move set, pick Taki, if you want the look and movements of a Ninja, you got it. The game offered various other professions with unique styles that was so much fun to learn and use. The weapons also had their own perks and cons. *currently shaking my head in such disappointment with SC6 at the moment, almost near to tears typing this*

The Tekken series lacked such creativity that SC3 offered, as you can now currently only customise the T6 characters they give you from the main game and use their fighting styles, however SC even now allows you to create your own fighter. However, unfortunately, SC copies the fighting style of the characters already set just like T6 and so it feels like SC stepped backwards rather than forwards with this one. Please bring back the glory days ‘Project Soul’. Bring back the imagination, the fun, the re-play-ability (sorry made up word there). From a old-school fan!