Just another release for SC series. Pretty bland nothing new here. Great game for $15

User Rating: 7.5 | SoulCalibur V X360
If you paid full price for this title I feel sorry for your loss. I picked this up a few weeks back on XBL for $14.99 and definitely have got my moneys worth.

Graphically SC has always amazed players from day one. They seem to always set the bar for visual effects, colors and detail. Its top notch not a single complaint here.

Gameplay is still tight as ever and the formula is unchanged. (I prefer the PS4 controller for fighters cause of the D-pad) Cant really say much here since its been the same its the first title.

Now for the disappointing trend that continues with the latest SC releases since 4. MODES! They are so bleh! Nothing special and story mode is super boring with drawing style cutscenes. (typical japanese style fighter though DOA5 was even worse)

My fav SC has always been III. Loved the RPG style adventure mode beat it countless times. Same with II and the choose your own adventure.

Come on developers use your brains and make something worth buying FULL price. Instead of riding the typical trend of pumping out a new title for a money grab.