If you played any other Soul Calibur game you'll feel at home with this one.

User Rating: 8 | SoulCalibur IV PS3
I've been a fan of Soul Calibur since Soul Blade on the original Playstation. The game is a great fighting game with tons of characters each with their own unique weapon class and fighting style. However this is the 4rth entry in the series and not much has changed since Soul Calibur. The graphics are ofourse better with rich level and character animations. The gameplay is as smooth as ever letting you chain combo's together fairly easy and moving your character around is a peice of cake. I think they could of improved the online aspect of the game and added something a little better then just the standard one vs. one. The main story is simple which worked back in the day but now feels like it could of been more invovled. All in all this is a really fantastic game and the fun factor is still there but don't expect anything that you haven't seen or donw already here.