This is without a doubt the best entry to the series in my opinion. Everything from levels to roster was spot on.

User Rating: 9.5 | SoulCalibur IV X360
Soul Caliber IV was hands down the best addition to the franchise. User friendly indeed too. I couldn't find too many holes in this game, nothing other than online players exploiting certain abilities spam moves. The "armor-break" finishers are always something to look forward to, and it leaves you wanting more and more of them. I'd recommend this to anyone interested in a great story with tons of exciting characters to choose from.

Fights were always crisp and clear too, very well done. Something you don't really see in other fighters: You have to work hard to actually beat your opponent, computer or human. Many dimensions to stopping an assault or starting one of your own. Combos were excellent indeed. And creating a fighter added so much more to this. I look forward to many more titles from Namco of this game. Two thumbs up