Could be much better than what we got.

User Rating: 4 | SoulCalibur IV X360
Soul Calibur IV, is the 5th game in the Soul series of fighting games from Namco. The game features create a fighter, unlockable characters, new moves and specials, a few ne characters, new stages and new plot. All on HD consoles.

Sadly, what is on paper is the only thing really great about this game. The game controls have turned into clunky tanks, with very slow moves, and with some attacking much faster than others. The issues with this is defending is also very slow and hard to have complete control over. So you could be crammed in a corner with some characters.

Another useless thing is that everyone has a gauge where is you break their armor/shield or whatnot to the point where that goes down, you can do a super move. Now that sounds great on paper, being able to avoid breaks and punish your opponent with deadly force but uh, it barely ever happens, by the time it's near low enough your about to win the battle, and only certain moves can really do much to the gauge so it's fairly pointless.

The Stages are nice but are uninspired, and the game has interesting detection for ring out usually against that player characters favor and against both players in multiplayer. In either mode, your input seems delayed before each attack.

The little plot points per character are extremely uninteresting and not really worth multiple playthroughs. There is quite a few unlockables, but they are more tedious to get and are not worth it once you get them.

The game could be a lot better than it is.