soul calibur 4 is better than soul calbur 5 and 3=)

User Rating: 8.5 | SoulCalibur IV X360
simply because i think the game floats better

it doesnt feel t ostiff or clumsy like sc3 and 5 can be,,i feel animations are more smooth,,

they are smooth in 3 and 5,,but smoother here,,which then leads the game to float better,,

graphics also looks better,,best looking sc-game to date,,even sc5,,

story may not be as strong as it has been bfore,,but it was better than that found in,,sc5,,

also cutscenes endings,,music,,options and opening scene and so on felt much better than that one in sc5,,

also the variety of char just about right,,best char selection screen do date in a sc-game,,the roster is a perfect fit,,if u would say ;p and secrets,,unlocks and so on;)

athmoshpere,,was great and so on=),.-

online is good,,but sc5 online is more strong,,and customization,,but weak on the other things taht defined sc--

some glitches and other stuff,,like the game hangs or soemthing;p

but otherwise fine --camera gets awkwars sometimes,,but mostly fine;);p,,

dont hesiate t obuy this game cuz it is better than sc3 and 5 at least;p