As always the story of SoulCalibur is what pull me in to play. If you are looing for great story and killing graphic SC4

User Rating: 7.5 | SoulCalibur IV PS3
I am a big fan of SoulCalibur ever seen the first game. I went with the flow when the game was rank but when I rent it at family video because it was 50 cent. I notice's a lot flaws in the game. If you are a SoulCalibur fan the second in the installment surpass ten time this one by far. The movement where you would used the right analog to flow through fighting movement was not there and the combination put together for character was not as smooth as some other fighting games. Also I didn't understand what you reason to purchase fighter that was already installed in the first few. very few new character to choose from and the guy from star wars was ten time hard then the final boss. I know there is a SoulCalibur 5 but after this one the only reason to play would be the story. I luv the character design. Only need more voice anime and few give and take and this serious will be back as not one of the best but may the best in time.