I miss this game! :(

User Rating: 8 | SoulCalibur II GC
Soul Calibur 2 was my second entry into the Soul series (Soul Blade on the Playstation being my first) and is an exciting head rush of a fighting game. You pick from a multitude of different characters with an array of different special moves and strategies to get the player to die or ring out. There are male contestants who either look mighty, cool or just plain weird. The female contestants usually dress classy or slutty. Hehe.

Anyway, there is a bunch of different modes to play. The most fun is probably the adventure mode where you can upgrade things. Oh yeah--and Link from The Legend Of Zelda series appears only in this version of the game. He is the best of the 3 fighters on each system in my opinion. Heihachi from Tekken is in the PS2 version and Spawn from the self-titled HBO series and comics is on the Xbox version. I have tried both of the other characters, and Spawn is cool, but a little awkward to fight with. Heihachi just sucks and is boring to experience.

It's not the best fighting game ever but it is fast-paced and fun. Give it a go if you have a Wii or GameCube and some spare change to purchase it. You won't regret it!

Final score ------> 8/10

written solely by Darksongbird