Best way to get into Soul Calibur!

User Rating: 8.6 | SoulCalibur II PS2
I was a fan of the Soul Calibur series, playing their titles in arcades, and playing as my favourite character Mitsurugi. What i loved about their games was the fighting used in the games. They way that they use their weapons and so on.

For Soul Calibur 2, it was a solid game. The characters were alright and fun. It was cool that Heihachi from Tekken was included in the game. It would have been very cool if Kazuya Mishima or a second fighter from Tekken was to appear in this game.

The best feature about Soul Calibur 2 was the new guyt Rapheal. As i was practicing with him, i was mastering most of his moves and combos. I was good as him in Playstation 2 and Arcade.

Before you get Soul Calibur 3 try out Soul Calibur 2 to get the Soul Calibur experience.