Could've been a lot better

User Rating: 7 | SoulCalibur II HD Online X360

The sound track is still as epic as ever and remains a high light of the game.

Honestly, I am not that sold on it. The quality is very similar to the original release I played on Gamecube and I don't really see that much of an improvement.

Game Play:
Can be really frustrating at times. There's no real thought to go into it. It really just comes down to luck and button mashing.

Sadly, Link isn't featured in this game. It's very fun to play but equally as frustrating at times. Very tough to find someone to play with online. You have to grind play in order to unlock everything in the game and a majority of stuff is locked. Weapon Master is still an epic adventure.

Overall: 7/10
I think if the controls were fixed and the visuals were actually improved then it'd be a far better game. If you are up for a nostalgic throw back, Pick it up. Other than that, I wouldn't really recommend it.