This is one of the best fighting game titles of all time!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | SoulCalibur II GC

I recently picked up Soul Calibur 2 for the GameCube and I have to say that this is a great game. The game offers you a lot of content like the arenas, the characters (especially the guest character Link), the variety of modes available for you, the Weapon Master mode... This game has it all!!!!

The plot for the Weapon Master mode takes place in 1590 (4 years after the events of SoulCalibur), where Nightmare and his followers collect enough souls to restore the Ostriensburg Castle. This ceremony was interrupted by three fighters and Nightmare lost, but the three fighters were sucked in by Soul Edge into a vortex of hellfire which stood to confront them. I don't want to spoil the rest of the plot, so you will have to find out the rest by playing the game.

The game is sprawling with content such as the assortment of weapons that each character can have, the numerous amount of single player and multi-player modes in the game, like Survival, Arcade and Time Attack, the extra features that allow you to view cover art, character profiles and even weapon profiles! This game is oozing with content and I am addicted to this game!!

This game in my opinion, is one of the best fighting games of all-time along with Smash Bros Melee, Dead or Alive Dimensions and Smash Bros Brawl. I hugely recommend this to those who haven't played this game yet!! It is a simple pick-up-and-play title and you can master characters quite easily!!