Finally the move only game we were always promised!

User Rating: 8 | Sorcery PS3
When the PlayStation Move was released in 2010 we were promised an amazing experienced where we became truly immersed, unfortunately PlayStation screwed us all over and all we got was a gimmicky product useful for a few things such as Sports Championships, Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 (there were more but these were the best). However Sorcery has finally given us what was promised.

Sorcery takes place in a fantasy world where the main character Finn is a sorcerer's apprentice and he goes on a journey with his cat friend called Erline. Right from the start we get a great introduction to a lush and interesting fantasy world with really funny characters and an interesting story.

The PlayStation Move is required to play Sorcery, it is not just an add on, you cannot play Sorcery without the move. Given that only roughly 13% of all PlayStation owners have the move controller making a game solely for this audience is a bit risky and I think it's safe to say that the developers' budget was limited. This needs to be taken into account because they definitely did an amazing job with what they had, it may not be the most graphically endowed game but it sure is fun. The control of the move works fantastically. To shoot a spell you just point and flick and you can aim wherever you are pointing but the game. One truly genius creation was the ability to curve spells around obstacles and cover, this shows the level of passion from the developers to really make an awesome game.

There are a handful of spells all very unique and very entertaining and switching between them is smooth and quick when you get the hang of it. Another brilliant design choice was to give you the spells slowly. This is important as spells often have multiple functions and given that you have to remember movements to use them you need time and practice to learn a spell before moving on to the next one.

The upgrade system is also very cool. It works by finding ingredients throughout the world and then combining them in all different combinations to make a potion. You then make the potion with funny move movements and then drink it to upgrade. What is so clever is that you can combine ingredients without actually use them so you can't accidently waste them on making multiple things or by making mistakes. Just another small thing which shows they were really using their brains whilst making this game.

Good Points
• Very clever and unique upgrading system, with useful upgrades
• Great fun with genuinely funny characters
• Great use of the PS move
• Interesting Story and environments
• Creative characters and battles

Bad Points
• Not much detail in the world
• Camera control is a nightmare
• Levels are a bit linear with not much room for exploration
• Quite short
• Repetitive Enemies

I think Sorcery is a brilliant game and I could write so much about it because this game is so clever and has a lot to give. I feel that its only short comings are the fact that it had a smaller budget and there is definitely so much more that could be done with this game so it would be great to see a sequel. I'm giving it an 8 a definite must for anyone with the move.