This broken, repetitive mess of a game was not even worth the $12.99 I payed for it...

User Rating: 3 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
IMO one of the worst most broken games ever. Now let me clarify that this game is not glitchy like '06 the main problem is its one of the most boring and repetitive games I've EVER played and is poorly controlled. This game is split into 2 different types of gameplay. There are Daytime levels (regular Sonic) Nighttime levels (Werehog >.>)

Daytime: The daytime levels is often what this game is credited for but to be being a fan of the adventure games I absolutely hated it. Its not just bad because it differs from the adventure gameplay. The daytime levels in sonic are extremely boring because all you do is hold the boost button. I bet you could tape down the boost button go get a drink, go to the bathroom, come back and the friekin' level would be OVER. Also the quick time events spring up on you out of know where and your usually half asleep by the time they come up which makes them twice as hard as they already are. You have like 3 seconds to push all the buttons it tells you and towards the end of the game the buttons stretch all the way across the damn screen. You can barley call these daytime levels platforming stages. Whenever there's a platforming part it shifts to 2d perspective and they last like 3 secs. at a time. The platforming controls suck because whenever you jump on a platform sonic wont stop 'till he reaches the edge which results in frustration.

Nighttime: WHERE DO I BEGIN??? Well, in the nighttime stages all you do is mash the sh*t out of square and triangle 'tills your thumbs crack and fall of!! They last like 30 minutes at a time and your lucky if you dont die 3 minutes into each levels. Not to mention toward the end of the game the werehog levels become hard a all hell! They have mini bosses all over, horrible platforming sections, outrageously annoying enemies the list go ON AND ON.