Sonic Unleashed is a good game that deserves better than the reception it has recieved.

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Unleashed X360
Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most recognized mascots of all time next to Mario. But ever since his transition to the world of 3-D, the hedgehog just hasn't been the same. He has been criticised for having lackluster stories, controls, camera systems, and the HUGE cast of supporting characters. The hedgehog's adventure to save the world is actually quite decent. Sonic Unleashed captures Sonic's signature speed but has a SERIOUS flaw that keeps this game from being almost perfect. Nighttime.

The game opens with a gorgeous and epic cutscene that sets up the storyline. The plot is that Dr. Robotnik is at it again to conquer earth. Sonic tries to stop him in his space station but is captured while in Super form. Dr. Robotnik's machine that captured him is also connected to a laser. He reverses the power of the Chaos Emeralds that Sonic used to transform. He uses the dark energy to fire a laser onto the earth. It splits it into 7 pieces for each continent. Doing this also awakens a powerful beast that lives in the core called Dark Gaia. The dark energy also transforms Sonic into a werewolf. He is then thrown back to earth and lands on some furry creature. The creature doesn' t remember anything and Sonic decides to help him find his memory.

The gameplay is fast-paced and really fun. I, of course, am talking about the daytime stages. These are when Sonic is at his trademark speed and can actually run faster than the speed of sound. The goal for both counter-parts are to reach the goal ring. A new feature is the Sonic Boost. As long as you keep getting rings, you can constantly keep running as fast as possible. Another new feature is the quick step. You can step to the left or right without slowing down. There are also quick time interactions which can be hard to initiate at times. The daytime stages are really fun to play. These stages are short, but they are the best part of the game.

Then there's the at times fun, tedious, and long nighttime levels. Gone is the speed of Sonic replaced by a bunch a brawling sections. Now you have to fight through the levels sometimes in a style similar to games like Double Dragon. This is cool at first but its the same thing over and over again. Even the fight music, while it is an upbeat and catchy tune, comes on every time you encounter an enemy that's not a boss. You can attack using a wide range of combinations of the X and Y buttons that let you different moves. Enemies will range from minions of Dark Gaia, to minions of Dr. Robotnik. If the enemy's health is low or if they are looking away from you, you can perform a quick time interaction called a critical attack which, with quick instincts and pressing the right buttons, you will kill them instantly with style. The nighttime stages require a lot of platforming and use of the werehog's strechy arms. You can use them to climb, swing, and pull levers. While it's nice to see some variety to the regular Sonic gameplay, these stages last for more than 10 minutes long while the fun daytime stages last for only about 3 to 5 minutes. The nighttime stages tend to get really repetitive and boring after about 5 minutes.

The graphics are beautiful and detailed. These graphics could even compare to games like Super Mario Galaxy.

The soundtrack is one of the best in a Sonic game. There are different themes for each world-based level. The only problem is the fight theme for the werehog which comes on EVERY time you encounter a non-boss enemy and it really gets on your nerves after a while. The best track is the final boss theme. It is an orchestrated epic and is one of the best final boss tracks ever.

Sonic Unleashed is a great game that is underrated and deserves more praise than it got. Although those nighttime levels are dissapointing, the daytime stages are exciting and fast-paced. If you want a game with only the daytime stages and no nighttime stages, you just have to wait for Sonic Generations.