Thought this would save Sonic. Suppose not.

User Rating: 4 | Sonic Unleashed X360
To be honest I was expecting Sonic Unleashed to be a great game, possibly saving the obviously failing Sonic franchise from an untimely death. By now I'd be happy with an extremely polished remake of Sonic and Sonic 2 with HD graphics. One can only dream...

I've found this game to be extremely dissapointing. It was fun in snippets, but not overall. The controls are really slippery and feel too sensitive, the slightest tap will Sonic spriniting off an edge or into an enemy. I know this was supposed to add to the feeling of speediness that all Sonic games should have, but not that sensitive. It's like if you took the Halo 2 sensitivity, set it to ten, then doubled it. It's crazy. There are these really small platforms that you'll encounter sometimes, which coupled with the sensitive controls, clunky camera, and a generally innacurate platforming style makes for a frustraring experience. Once, I managed to speed across a series of said small platforms, and felt a sense of satisfaction that should always come with completing a difficult challenge. I also felt a sense of sadness at how great this game could've been. If pulled off right, the game is fun, but it's just so hard to pull it off that the frustration outnumbers the sastifaction.

The were-hog segments are...okay. The visuals are at the top of their game here, and what more could you want? Stretchy arms and fire punches, comeone. It's like the shuriken gun. But it's ruined by the fact that the length of your stretchy arms seems to be random and the platforms you can grab onto seems to be limited, which ruins one of the only redeeming aspects of this game. It's fun, but only if you can actually get it to work.

Sonic fanbois will of course love it. kthnxbi.