Sonic unleashed, slashing your controller

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Unleashed PS2

Plenty of Sonic fans has trough the years discovered this gem in the library. It's known as the last Sonic game before the infamous change which has been dissapointing troughtout the 2010's. While fans has been talking alot about the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the ps2 version hasn't been talked about alot. Is that because it's bad of simply because the hd graphics attracts more people? Maybe, but I beg differ.

The story is excatly the same as the other versions, as in Dr Eggman has built a base up in space. But do not worry, Sonic has come to save the day, in his Super Sonic form by the choas emeralds. Eggman seems that he surrenders but the trickster that he is was just setting Sonic up for a plan to strip him of everything he's got as this moment. The chaos emeralds looses they're power and then Sonic turns into a different creature all together, then he he's sent back to planet earth. He crashlands on the ground with about anything broken or wounds. But he did land on someone, a sort of flying creature who suffers from amnesia. They quickly become friends and he promises to help him back his memories. Also, he's gonna stop Eggman who used his weapong up in space to split planet earth into several pieces.

At this point, the game has been the same as the other versions but that once you get into actual gameplay. Instead of a overworld to travel to levels you are going to different locations marked with icons on map, upon entering the first level which are tutorials shows how the gameplay will be. Basically, make it as fast as possible to the end goal, it will reward you sun and moon medals which are used to unlock more levels and locations. The faster you make it to the finish line, the more medals you will be rewarded. You will notice a timer and grades on the corner of the screen.

Overall, the ps2 version is simplyfied yes, but not bad at all. It is pretty fun to control both night time and day time Sonic. You play different levels on different times of the day. A werehog in night time and regular Sonid during day time.

Fans who isn't finding the collecting aspect as the 360 and ps3 will surly enjoy this simplyfied version.

Have a nice, bye.