Why Sonic Unleashed is better than any Sonic game.

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Unleashed X360

Sonic Unleashed is very humorous and deep plot, which really conveys you to see what happens. Sonic and Chi are portrayed flawlessly. The Daytime stages are very fast, fun and there are many things to do in them like running, jumping, wall jumping and boosting and more! The nighttime stages aren't bad at all, to be honest. The Werehog has many, many moves that you can pull off and a variety of enemies to complement it. The Werehog also has lots of variety in his parkour as there are many obstacles and things to grab onto with each level, and puzzles, while rare, are challenging and well constructed. Music is the best in the series and this game has stellar graphics. This game doesn't deserve the backlash that your giving it, as fans love the game and you should give it a second chance. You will enjoy it a lot!!!!!