Anybody Who Says This Game is Bad Doesn't Know What They're Talking About!

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Unleashed (Canadian) WII

Personally, I find it very hypocritical how Mario gets to try new thing all the time and nobody bats an eye about it, yet every time Sonic tries something new that ISN'T "Sonic the Hedgehog;" EVERYBODY loses their MINDS!!!! What makes it so Sonic has to do the 'EXACT' same thing every game and yet Mario can be as different as he wants to be?! Maybe this game ISN'T like the traditional "Sonic" game that most people 'apparently' want, but I thought it was a VERY great game! I actually ENJOYED the combat stages as a Werehog; it felt very new and interesting. The stages are well-designed, the challenge is structured well, the camera control is good, the game play is awesome, the music is rocking, and the graphics are by FAR the best I have ever seen available on the Wii! (Which should give you a clue as to how FEW games I've played on the Wii). I love the locations that Sonic goes to, my personal favorite is the China based levels called Chun-nan. This is the most fun I have EVER had playing a new Sonic game in a LONG time! Even if the Final boss, Dark Gaia, has GOT to be the BUTT-ugliest final boss I've ever seen! If you like and want a good game play experience on the Wii, than this game is recommended for you! Enough said!