Episode 2, like Generations, is culminated from fan feedback. But is it enough to redeem the first episode?

User Rating: 8 | Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II PC
I have to admit as a hardcore Sonic fan, I completely forgot this game was coming out till the week of release, which goes to show that SEGA wasn't as vocal about this episode. I think as much as they improved from the first episode, I fear it may get unappreciated due to the stigma of the first.

But ignoring the history of the first episode, l have to say, Dimps did a pretty darn good job of listening to the fans on this one.

Let's talk about the engine changes. No, the game still isn't what I could call a successor to the Genesis titles. The momentum and physics have been improved enough to the point where I'm not getting blistered thumbs (thank goodness). Rolling works... somewhat, but levels are still design with very angular hills and abundant speed pads, so the improved physics don't get much room to shine. The graphics got a total overhaul and look outstanding compared to the first game, and pretty awesome for a DLC game.

The game does something pretty darn special on it's own. As controversial as the Tails gimmicks are, I love these. I find myself using fly alot to get myself out of some tight situations, and the super spin move (69 attack) opens up some pretty neat possibilities for speed running. I haven't tested Multiplayer to it's fullest but if you have a buddy I'd definitely recommend the local co op over online. I also feel like the boss battle have improve greatly, offering more twists than Episode 1's recycled ideas.

Overall, I think SEGA really did a good job on this one and people who stuck around for this episode will be in for a treat, but I'm afraid those people who aren't may not be easily swayed due to disappointing episode 1. So this could be the last episode of the Sonic 4 saga. My hope for this game is that Episode Metal can sway some people back to Sonic 4, if they already have the first episode. Because Metal Sonic is cool.