The is the worst Sonic game ever made... or possibly one of the top 10 worst games ever made in video game history.

User Rating: 2.4 | Sonic the Hedgehog PS3
Im a Sonic Fan and I loved Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, Chaotix, SA, SA2, and I even liked Heroes

The is the worst Sonic game ever made... or possibly one of the top 10 worst games ever made in video game history.

It will join E.T. 2600 and Superman 64 in the infamy of mediocrity

If you thought that you could stomach the story and the town areas and enjoy the Action Stages, you are in for a shock.

The Action Stages suffer from several problems. From slowdowns, to frame rate drops, to collision detection problems or just passing through the floor and falling off the map of the game.

Sonic keeps his homing attacks, gains a sliding attack but his Sonic Speed Dash is rendered useless this time around because you cannot jump out of it like you could in the past Sonic games.
The Sliding attack is relatively slow and cannot be canceled with a jump, so you often must force yourself to turn in circles until he slows down into a stop.
Some Level designs don't let into the gameplay very well, especially for the Mach Speed moments. During the Mach Speed moments Sonic is forceful propelled forward and you have no control on his forward momentum. If you hit a wall or a rock, you lose rings and spiral out of control, if get hit again without rings well, you die.
The other problem with the Mach Speed mement is the level design, since your control of Sonic is extremely limited and glitchy, the level designs helps the frustrations: Sonic Team decided to put varrendas, piers and bridges with guards rails where Sonic can get stuck into and you get to witness the most bizarre event int any Sonic game yet, he starts spazzing and being forced forward but cannot go forward so he will be pulled to the nearest side, and you die.

Tails has been slowed down about 3 times his original speed and lost his Tail swipe attack and his Tails when flying cannot damage enemies from above him. He is given a fake rings projectile which you barely have any aiming control and is not fun at all

In between Action Stages, you have no choice but to accomplish Town mission objective to continue. Some of these Town mission vary from hoop jumping, enemy time attack elimination , find the missing little girl and guess who's the Captain.

I'm tired of writing this review, just stay away from this game, it is all bad, and I'm a Sonic fan.

Save your money for Virtua Fighter 5 or Sonic & The Secret Rings on the Wii.

Sonic Next Gen is a vasectomy of gaming and a castration of the good name Sonic.