This is one of the worst games I have ever played

User Rating: 2 | Sonic the Hedgehog X360

I had heard bad things about this game but I never imagined that it could be as bad as this. Lets start with the positives. The positives. the graphics for the most part are good except for the human character models themselves which are horrendous and don't even get me started on Eggman himself. The final boss is fun and the sound track is pretty good. THE NEGATIVES: The game is a bugged mess that has many frame rate drops along with an abundance of glitches. Also the game's load times are horrendous and their are loading screens everywhere. The game also has three campaigns and a final story that you unlock once you finish all three campaigns. The three campaigns range from painful to unplayable. Sonic's campaign falls into the in between of these two and would probably only be painful if it wasn't for the mach segments (I'll get to those at the end). Shadow's campaign is the most playable of the three campaigns with the least amount of bugs. Finally Silver's campaign is the most garbage campaign I have ever had the misfortune of playing. You see Silver can only attack by telekinetically picking up objects and hurling them at enemies. This wouldn't be so bad if the controls for this game were worth anything. The controls are garbage. During these campaigns you will have parts where you are forced to "play" as side characters. I say "play" because these characters are for the most part worse than the main characters. Next both Sonic and Shadow have gimmick stages. I call them gimmick stages because either they will have to drive some type of vehicle or do a snowboarding segment. Sonic's snowboarding segments don't work with the snowboard constantly stopping like it hit a patch of super glue. On the other hand Shadow's vehicle segments are short (thank God) but control like crap. These are some of the worse vehicle segments I have ever had to play. Finally i'll talk about the mach segments (OH GOD THE MACH SEGMENTS). The Mach segments place Sonic in a level and force him to run forwards as fast as possible without being able to slow down at all. Not being able to slow down mixed with terrible controls and some of the worst hit detection I have ever seen all combine for one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever had. I have only just scratched the surface of what is wrong with this game among the many other things are the broken boss fights, the terrible voice acting, and the ending of the game is either a great apology or a giant middle finger. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this game ever. The best way to sum this game up is something a friend of mine said " It takes skill just to get your character to walk in a straight line".