Ugh. Good god make the pain stop!

User Rating: 2 | Sonic the Hedgehog X360
I mean it! Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is the worst f***ing game ever! I f***ing hate my life!

Sorry but, for this game being called the best is just really pathetic. I despise the graphics and the visuals. They're so pointless and wanna burn my eyes and freeze my brain just like in the Cartoon Network movie Re-animated, like you know, a story about when Jimmy Roberts gets hit by a train before he sees cartoons. Anyway, let's get back to this horrible game.

The bosses are so annoying. Really, they were beating the sh*t balls out of me. Also, we've got Mephiles and the Iblis Trigger in this god dam game.

There's a stage that's called Radical Train. It's so horrible! It really scares the heck out of me when the train crashed. When Sonic gets to slow before the train gets crashed, it's like scaring me to freaking death. Ah, my heart.

This game is such an atrocious piece of garbage. Seriously, the best game ever?! Big deal. This is the worst game I've ever played and it should never be played again. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is alot worse than Barney the Dinosaur. Literally. If you really enjoy this game, then I'll be like ticked off for no apparent reason!