this is a game that has hard controls and horrible gameplay if you want to save yourself just please don't play it.

User Rating: 3 | Sonic Riders PS2
now I borrowed this game out to see what the sonic francise had come up with and to see if they had good new ideas. Man was i wrong. This game is a shocker with horrible controls bad gameplay and the only thing supporting it is pretty shallow graphics.

this game almost wanted me to bash the sega francise over the heads and tell them what a game really is. also the game only has very few levels which will make you bored easily.

i mean some people may enjoy this but i would please recomend anyone who has not played this to stay away from the game. and also the multiplayer sucks, and when you want to skidd around a corner you would just bump into a wall or go to a halt.

so in the end just stay away from this game unless you want to be depressed for an hour and then just get mad at sega like me.

now i played this game so you guys don't have to,
so peace out guys and stay away from this game.