Sonic Riders is the perfect blend between the exciting story and a great racing competition. The grade here is too low.

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Riders GC
For any Sonic and racing fan, Sonic Riders is the perfect game, blending the dazzling story with a lot of action in challenging racing levels. The last 128-bit Sonic game deserves the highest grade for sure, even if it short. Short but addictive. You'll finish all the missions quickly, but will have to play all of them several times to get a gold medal in each one.

The story itself isn't hard at all (except the Sky Road track), but the mission mode will require some skill, besides of the play time spent to unlock all the characters.

If you're like me, a huge Babylon Rogues fan, the Story is worth playing again and again just to watch the cutscenes. The only reason for me not to give it a 10 is that the game itself is too short. It is worth playing and adding to your collection.